UPDATE: Tera Melos, Fever Sleeves is at Black Box!

Tony Fever Sleeves just let me know that the Tera Melos, Fever Sleeves and Witt! show has been moved to the venerable Black Box Studios. Let Google Maps, not Peter Frampton, show you the way.

Incidentally, what’s up with 80s songs using key changes interchangeably with, I don’t know, writing another part of the song?

“And then what?”

“How about a bridge.”

“Nah, let’s just do the chorus again transposed up a fifth.”


Livin’ on a Prayer does this. Countless others do, too. What the hell?


Tera Melos and Fever Sleeves in Golden Hill?

Is it possible there’s an all-ages venue two blocks from my house that isn’t Black Box Studios and that I’ve never heard of?

Tera Melos, Fever Sleeves, and Witt are playing at the Marquee Theater on Saturday. The Marquee Theater is supposedly at  835 25th Street, which, according to YellowPages.com, is also the address of Chipper’s Chalet. Chipper’s Chalet is listed as “skilled nursing facility.” I know Golden Hill is a hotbed for aging hipsters, but isn’t that a little too far afield?

Regardless, you should check this show out–definitely Dirtbag approved.

Tera Melos is a really, really interesting band. This show is one of their few “small” dates before they hit the road (again) with the Fall of Troy. My sense is that Fall of Troy dig them some Tera Melos. It’s pretty easy to see why. Fall of Troy are to Tera Melos what the At the Drive In is to Mars Volta, which is to say the extreme evolution of the former’s most adventurous aspects. Last time I saw them they had toned down the sheer insanity of their live shows–they used to be a band you literally could not believe was actually playing their instruments while hanging from rafters–but dialed up the intensity and variability of their compositions. Here’s a little taste, courtesy of Sargent House: