UPDATE: Tera Melos, Fever Sleeves is at Black Box!

Tony Fever Sleeves just let me know that the Tera Melos, Fever Sleeves and Witt! show has been moved to the venerable Black Box Studios. Let Google Maps, not Peter Frampton, show you the way.

Incidentally, what’s up with 80s songs using key changes interchangeably with, I don’t know, writing another part of the song?

“And then what?”

“How about a bridge.”

“Nah, let’s just do the chorus again transposed up a fifth.”


Livin’ on a Prayer does this. Countless others do, too. What the hell?


Black Box Studios robbed…

Rosey just posted on this over at sddialedin.com. This story just make me furious. Living across the street from Black Box, I’ve gotten to know Mario and Mike pretty well. I’ve developed a lot of respect for them, both for their willingness to share their rehearsal and recording studio as a venue and for their work in putting together the Black Box compilation. Stealing from people like them, as a musician, is ultimately counter-productive. I hope the deal they got for pawning all of this stuff was worth poisoning the well of good will.

This is a repost from MySpace, posted on Saturday Night:

Tonight between the hours of 7:30pm and midnight someone entered Black Box and took everything out of our hourly rehearsal room. That included: a Soundcraft P.A. , a Peavey P.A. Speaker, a Cerwin Vega P.A. Speaker and 2 sm 57s with mic stands. They also made off with some of our most beloved artwork and our christmas tree. It’s a sad day when we have to re-assess the trust you have for people. If anyone has any info on any of this equipment please contact us ASAP! 619-788-3240
Black Box