Denton, Dallas, and new beginnings

If anyone still subscribes to this site’s RSS feed, it’s a testament to either your fandom or laziness: with the complete lack of new content for, oh, ever, I really deserve no readers at this point.

That said, my relocation to Denton has me in the blogging mood. is quite good, but more focused on the Dallas scene, and Denton deserves dedicated bloggers. Hell, they probably already have them: I’m so green, I have no idea.

For the San Diegans that read this, I encourage you to stick it out for a couple weeks, and see if you don’t find that there’s still something for you here. For those in the metroplex that stumble across it, I encourage to you to take a look at some older posts and see what a garrulous prick I can be once I’m acclimated to the environment.

This news is a little old, but Be Your Own Pet broke up. I reviewed their record for Citybeat and, on second thought, I was far too generous. This band was not very good. They were not very lucky. And they are now not very…are.


Tomorrow night: Raveonettes, Be Your Own Pet @ The Casbah

God, I love San Diego. In New York, I’d have to stomach being in the back of the Bowery Ballroom to see this tour–in San Diego, I’ll enjoy it with 200 of my closest friends.

I’m less excited than most (the show is sold out, has been for a while), but plenty excited to see this.  I’ve got a review of Be Your Own Pet‘s second record in the works, and am just plain interested to see what all the fuss is about regarding the Raveonettes.

Initial returns on the Be Your Own Pet disc are marginal–I think they sound like a hyper-caffeinated Swami Records band–but I’m gonna give it the chance to grow on me.

Oh, here’s what Be Your Own Pet looks like. They’re pretty young. I’ll be scanning the crowd to see if  Chris Hansen has things under control.