Black Box Studios robbed…

Rosey just posted on this over at This story just make me furious. Living across the street from Black Box, I’ve gotten to know Mario and Mike pretty well. I’ve developed a lot of respect for them, both for their willingness to share their rehearsal and recording studio as a venue and for their work in putting together the Black Box compilation. Stealing from people like them, as a musician, is ultimately counter-productive. I hope the deal they got for pawning all of this stuff was worth poisoning the well of good will.

This is a repost from MySpace, posted on Saturday Night:

Tonight between the hours of 7:30pm and midnight someone entered Black Box and took everything out of our hourly rehearsal room. That included: a Soundcraft P.A. , a Peavey P.A. Speaker, a Cerwin Vega P.A. Speaker and 2 sm 57s with mic stands. They also made off with some of our most beloved artwork and our christmas tree. It’s a sad day when we have to re-assess the trust you have for people. If anyone has any info on any of this equipment please contact us ASAP! 619-788-3240
Black Box


Hellaciously embarrassing moments in sports/music history…

1. The ’86 Dodgers performing “The Baseball Boogie.” No amount of cocaine, Gheri-juice overdose, or just plain bad sense can really explain this:

2. Kobe Bryant performing “K.O.B.E.” at the 1996 NBA All-Star Weekend. Pro: having the sense to feature a pre-crazy Tyra Banks. Con: rapping in Italian.

Vampire Weekend

Fuck any band of white kids from Columbia University that calls their music “Upper West Side Soweto.” Yeah dudes–we’ve all heard Graceland. You sound like the Shins, shit drunk and trying to reverse engineer “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.”

Interview: Fifty on their Heels

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I meet Fifty on their Heels guitarist/vocalist Junior Metro and drummer Justin at Hamilton’s, a relatively new beer bar in South Park. Hunkered over pint glasses and chatting softly under the din of a Padres-cheering crowd, the two exude a calmness and modesty that’s immediately at odds with the frenetic swagger of their debut self-titled EP. With reverential nods to Brits like Wire, Stiff Little Fingers and Roxy Music (a consensus pick for Fifty’s favorite band), the record took home the 2006 San Diego Music Award for Best Punk Album. Continue reading

Tomorrow night: Raveonettes, Be Your Own Pet @ The Casbah

God, I love San Diego. In New York, I’d have to stomach being in the back of the Bowery Ballroom to see this tour–in San Diego, I’ll enjoy it with 200 of my closest friends.

I’m less excited than most (the show is sold out, has been for a while), but plenty excited to see this.  I’ve got a review of Be Your Own Pet‘s second record in the works, and am just plain interested to see what all the fuss is about regarding the Raveonettes.

Initial returns on the Be Your Own Pet disc are marginal–I think they sound like a hyper-caffeinated Swami Records band–but I’m gonna give it the chance to grow on me.

Oh, here’s what Be Your Own Pet looks like. They’re pretty young. I’ll be scanning the crowd to see if  Chris Hansen has things under control.

Thriller bumped from the charts

Gotta love Billboard. From Chartwatch:

For the second week in a row, Jack Johnson’s Sleep Through The Static and Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25 are the top two albums in the U.S. Or are they?

They are, if you look at the Top Comprehensive Albums chart compiled by Nielsen/SoundScan. Johnson is #1 for the week with sales of 105,000 copies, trailed by Jackson with 63,000 copies. (The gap between the two is wider than it was last week, when just 14,000 copies separated them.)

The reason for the omission, as I explained last week, is that Nielsen/SoundScan and Billboard exclude catalog titles-defined as albums that are 18 months old or older-from the main chart. (Continuously running “current” hits are exempted.)The idea is to make more room on the chart for new albums, which need every break they can get.

Really? I thought the idea was to save them from having to publicly acknowledge that the second best-selling album in America is over 20 years old and was recorded by someone widely assumed to be a child molester. I guess if they’re that proud of Jack Johnson, they really have no shame.

Interview: The Bronx (dated, 2006)

Patrolling the stage in between songs at San Diego’s SOMA with equal parts menace and good humor, the Bronx frontman Matt Caughthran took the moment to sum up his thoughts on the current state of rock and roll. Singing the praises of tourmates Priestess, the Riverboat Gamblers and Wires on Fire, Caughthran observed, “There aren’t that many real rock and roll bands these days, and Avenged Sevenfold isn’t one of them!”

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