Who is Eddie Shoebang?

The comments left by Citybeat editor Dave Rolland (and independent confirmation by the man, himself, Nathan Dinsdale) have cleared up an error of assumption on my part: Eddie Shoebang is not Nathan Dinsdale.

Who is Eddie Shoebang? It’s a pseudonym, a nom de plume. Dave’s comments suggest that Eddie and Nathan had a working relationship in the past.

Googling “Eddie Shoebang” takes us immediately to the Everybody’s a Critic blog. Judging by the name (“Wicked Local”) and the Massachusetts real estate listing, one presumes that Eddie is also a writer for a blog based on the East Coast. The blogger profile seems to confirm it. Is this the same Eddie Shoebang?

It’s not quite a Bangalore call center, but along with the reported shift away from coverage of the local scene, is does raise some eyebrows about the direction that Citybeat is headed. If you have info, please leave it in the comments section. I just want to know. Or, if that’s a little too public, email me.


PLAN A: The Prayers, The Muslims, The Atoms, The Vultures, The Sess, The Sundelles @ The Casbah. One of the best all-local lineups you’ll see all year. If someone asked a San Diego music scene regular, “Which San Diego bands should I check out?” their answer would look exactly like this bill. We’ve described them all ad nauseam in the past–go listen for yourselves. A sure sellout. MS/thefuckingprayers, MS/themuslims, MS/thesess, MS/atoms, MS/officialvultures, MS/thesundellesmusic.

I don’t know, I think my answer, and I guess I’m a San Diego “scene” regular, would include the following: Transfer, Earthless, Vision of a Dying World, Sleeping People, Kill Me Tomorrow. I think what Citybeat meant to say is “If someone asked a Beauty Bar/San Diego House Parties scene regular…” I’m not saying there’s anything in particular wrong with any of the bands playing that night–I just think out scene is a lot bigger–and more diverse, and more interesting–than THE Fest.

Dirtbag and Dialed In: colonizing an alt-weekly near you

OK, first I jumped on board with writing features for Citybeat. Now Rosey at SDDialedin is ready to take over the Local’s Only gossip section. What’s going on here?

Expect lots of coverage of the Dynamite Walls 😉

“Who broke up with who?” “Well, it was kind of a mutual thing…”

From Local’s Only:

Local rock band Vinyl Radio has split. Keyboardist Andrew Bernhardt made the decision to concentrate on fronting his own band, The Swedish Models. No word at press time if a farewell show will happen, but the other band members aren’t itching to jump back into another band. “It’s just too disheartening to put that much effort into something only to have it taken away from you,” said frontman Matt Binder. MS/vinylradio

Ouch. That hurts.

One question: if the rest of the band is that broken up about it, how hard is it to get a new keyboardist?