If I Were U–Proposed Amendment

I do think my weekly dropped the ball a little bit by not mentioning the Planes Mistaken for Stars/Kingdom of Magic/Get Your Death On! show at the Tower Bar in If I Were U, favoring instead the Scarlet Symphony/the Prayers/Roses on her Grave show at the Casbah, among others.

No offense to Scarlet Symphony and the Prayers, who are fine bands in their own right. But I’d wager you’ll be able to see each of them a dozen times in the next two or three months. They’re local bands, and that’s the way this shit works. Planes has a sound that’s vicious and unique (and yeah, they’re my friends but I thought that before I ever met them), a sound that’s made bands like Against Me!, Mastodon, Cursive, Thursday, Converge, High on Fire, Dillinger Escape Plan and Motorhead want to take them on the road. This is your LAST chance to see them in San Diego, period.
Kingdom of Magic and Get Your Death On! also slay way hard. C’mon Troy!

Now I’m confused…

PMFS’s Myspace says they’ll be at the Casbah on September 21, but the listing at the Casbah website says locals Scarlet Symphony and Roses on her Grave. No offense, but I’m hoping the Casbah is one in error at this moment…

Who manages Scarlet Symphony?

Prime set times at 94/9 Independence Jam, SoCo Music Experience. Large radio presence in this market. No presence in national market.Who manages this band? Readers, you get a gold star if you can come up with a name for me.

Something they don’t tell you at new blogger school…

People don’t read blogs for shit on the 4th of July. Something about “outdoors,” “life,” and “having a good time.” Hope to see you all back here tomorrow.

Until then, I hope all of you who are at Grand Ole Party/Scarlet Symphony have a high old time tonight. I ran into a buddy of mine outside who did a little bit of research on Grand Ole Party (who’ve received plenty of local press) and found that no one (there may be a few exceptions) outside of Southern California (be real–San Diego) is writing about them. That’ll probably change in the next few months, in the run-up to their record release and their label’s securing a high-profile publicist (my guess? Big Hassle. Could be Girlie Action, I suppose). For the moment, I think it should give San Diego’s music hype industrial complex a little perspective on how little of what goes on here carries in other major media markets.