Christie Front Drive: reunited, will it feel so good?

This post has almost nothing to with San Diego, though it has a considerable amount to do with awesomeness, which is my overriding concern. scooped me on this one, but only because I keep confidence with my good friends–which is probably why this “blogging project,” as a friend calls it, is destined to fail.

Christie Front Drive, one of the seminal emo bands to come out of the 1990s, is reuniting for Denverfest III. Denverfest, you will come to find, is my favorite DIY fest in the country. It’s about the best time a band can have, and represents all that I believe is missing in the San Diego scene (though there are people, like Mike and Mario at Black Box Studios, that are trying to change that): comaraderie, friendship, and an abiding desire to grow a community of musicians that bond over friendships rather than musical affinity and cross-marketing opportunities. The North Atlantic have played both Denverfests so far, and this year will be no exception.

I hear murmurings that Mastodon, Cursive, and several other heavy hitters may be involved as well, though at this point I really can’t confirm. We shall see what we shall see.