Been fishin’

You ever stop doing something for a little while, and that little while becomes a long while, and suddenly you realize you haven’t done it in ages?

I’m back. I quit writing because I felt it was getting in the way of getting my dissertation finished and getting a job. Well, I have the job. My dissertation isn’t quite done, but batting .500 on this front doesn’t seem so bad. Said job doesn’t begin until August, at which point I’ll be shuffling off to the Dallas area to teach at the University of North Texas. Notable alums include Michael Bolton, Norah Jones, and Bowling for Soup. You can’t win ’em all.

Anyway, I’ll be trading one dirtbag haunt, the Casbah, for another: Rubber Gloves. Some touring musicians may know Rubber Gloves. It’s a cool, small room that gets a lot of the same bands that Casbah does. High on Fire will be there later this month. I love me some High on Fire–though I think Sleep was even better.