Quit fucking around: PMFS, KoM, GYDO! @ Tower Bar Friday

Don’t sleep–unless you have something against awesomeness. This is my 30th birthday, by the way. If I haven’t invited you yet, it’s cause I don’t have your email. Rectify.

SD Punk Board Readers…

Please get the word out about that Planes Mistaken for Stars/Kingdom of Magic/Get Your Death On show at the Tower Bar on September 21! I still can’t figure out how to log on to the damn thing.

PMFS, Kingdom of Magic, GYDO @ The Tower Bar, Sep 21

Sorry for the scants posts as of late: I’m completely nailed by getting things prepped for the academic job market. A note to readers: if any of you are chairs of political science departments, I’m ready to work.

Ah, the 30th birthday. A time for sober reflection on three decades of life, love, friendship and camaraderie. A vista from which to cast a meaningful gaze at a sober second life of children, career-mindedness and restful evenings spent by the hearth, leather-bound book and brandy snifter in hand.

Fuck all that noise. That’s for the day after. My 30th birthday will be spent enjoying your company and raucous tunes from three of my favorite, heaviest, chunkiest rock bands: Planes Mistaken for Stars, Kingdom of Magic, and Get Your Death On.

Flyer for the show is below. This will, incidentally, be Planes Mistaken for Stars’ LAST San Diego show, as the band is on their farewell tour.


Your chances to not give a rat’s ass about this band are dwindling.