Denverfest Post Mortem coming soon

What a weekend! I’ll be blogging about this extensively later today (as time permits, I have midterms to finish grading and lecture to prepare), but for the moment, here’s a nifty photo of Neil from Planes Mistaken for Stars from their show with Christie Front Drive, Crestfallen and the Volts at the Marquis Theater.

Denverfest, a Journal in Various Chapters

1:22 PM, Lindbergh Field Airport, San Diego, California

Seven hours later than expected, I’m sipping a beer and waiting to hop aboard a Frontier Airlines (the one with the animals on the tail and the free DirecTV in the seats) flight to Denver. I arrived at the airport at 5:20 AM, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, only to realize I’d forgotten my ATM card. I then made the first of a series of colossal judgment errors. I got out of line, went home, and began to look for it. I’ll spare you the gory details but suffice it to say I’m no Patton when it comes to making decisions under fire.

All that’s behind me now. What lies ahead is three days of brotherhood, camaraderie, and good music. I feel the way about Denverfest that I imagine lots of people feel about the Pitchfork Festival, or Street Scene, or any one of the giant festivals that goes on every summer. Events like Sessions Fest and Denverfest may lack the big names, but at least they provide genuine good times.

Elitist that I am, I can’t help but think that most stadium shows are the cultural equivalent of shopping at Wal-Mart. I like my musicians at a human scale–separated by inches, or feet, not by hundreds of yards, a rugby team worth of yellow-jacketed weightlifters and several million dollars worth of marketing.

When I get to Denver I’ll grab my rental car and head immediately to the venue, hopefully in time to see Fucking Orange, and definitely with enough time to spare to catch the Forecast and Kylesa, the highlights of my particular evening.

The Forecast will be new to me, but they are tight with friends of mine and therefore make the team automatically. I saw Kylesa for the first time this past year at the Fest in Gainesville. It was late, I was very, very drunk, and in retrospect I have no idea where I was or whom I was with, except that I’m pretty sure Jason Hendrix was there, and I’m pretty sure Chuck French, from Git Some and Planes, was there too. And the kids from Fifth Hour Hero. Us, and 100 or so of our closest friends saw Kylesa put stoner metal, psychedelia and grunge into a blender and hit “liquify.” I think they may be scenemates of ASG, a band that works similar territory but with a little too much bro-down for me to get very excited about it.

Hey cat dirt, I’m mounting an expeditionary force of my own…

Some call it a cow town. Sure, it’s a cow town, in the same sense that Brooklyn is an Italian ghetto, San Diego is a Catholic mission and I am a zygote. Denver is a wonderful city, in my opinion. Close to the mountains, 300+ days of sunshine a year, a city with an ethos that’s at once aw-shucks Midwestern hospitality and frontier DIY ethic. All four major sports teams, a thriving art and music scene, and cost of living that’s almost 50% less than it is here.

I will drink your beer, eat your wonderful vegan food and partake of your fairest of all summer treats: the 3-day bro- and sis-fest that is Denverfest. My plane leaves in 15 hours…and I can hardly wait.

Haven’t heard any specifics about the Christie Front Drive show yet, except that the online pre-sale appears to have done a brisk business. This should be interesting, and you can bet I’ll be updating as often as I can over the next three days.

My D-fest Schedule:

Traffic/level of inebriation willing, this is what I’ll be tracking down this weekend at Denverfest.

6 – Ryan Windham: I’m hoping it’s Barry Windham‘s son, but I’m probably wrong.
7 – Brainhammer: From the name, I’m expecting smooth jazz.
8 – Bailer: One of my favorite Denver bands, and one that’s jumped up a notch.
9 – Across Tundras: Sludge, grime, and red sunsets set to operatic doom.
10 – The Forecast/Autokinoton: Tough call. Something you’ve never seen vs. something you love?
11 – Kylesa: See Across Tundras–and rocket fuel.
12 – Red Sparrowes: See Across Tundras, add pretty pictures, Isis (it’s an Isis side project).

5 – Big Timber: Trevor from Bailer will be a busy man this weekend.
6 – El Minotaur: D&D Rock en Espanol?
7 – Low Oriole: Played with these guys not too long ago.
8 – New American Ramblers: Gonna get me some old time religion.
9 – Crestfallen: Heller’s band from back in the day. Denver emo-punk stalwarts.
10 – Planes Mistaken for Stars: FUCK YEAH. RIP.
11 – Christie Front Drive: Back from the dead for one night only.

6 – City of Ships: Just sounds pretty.
7 – Ghost Buffalo: Bros (and sister).
8 – Git Some: Apologies for playing favorites, but Denver’s best punk band right now.
9 – Red Cloud/Mustangs and Madras: Our erstwhile tourmates and brothers in arms.
10 – Golden City: From Brooklyn, with pieces of Christie Front Drive
11 – Think in French: So glad we’re getting to share this experience with them.
12 – TNA plays: One last time, with feeling.

Denverfest shows and set times ANNOUNCED…

They’re all here. Highlight shows of each night, in my opinion:

Friday: Marquis Theater, all ages
Smoke or Fire, The Forecast, Concrete Cleaner, Bailer, Eyes and Ears

Saturday: Marquis Theater, all ages
Christie Front Drive, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Crestfallen, The Volts

Sunday: Arapahoe Warehouse, all ages
The North Atlantic, Think in French, Golden City, Red Cloud, Git Some, El Toro de la Muerte, Jor Dan, Polar Opposite Bear

TNA’s last show is the last slot of the entire festival, and nothing else is scheduled for that time slot. I’m guessing things will get weird.

Denverfest lineup is OUT

DenverFest 3 LINE-UP

It would be ridiculous of me to try and point out all the “highlights” (personal and otherwise) to which I’m looking forward. This will be my first look at Smoke or Fire, The Forecast, and my first look in a while at several others. In the interest of festival spirit, I’ll be posting writeups of a few bands each day in the run-up to the three day festival, which takes place from August 31 to September 2 in the mile high city.

Across Tundras (Denver)
Arms for Hands (Wichita, KS)
Autokinoton (Denver)
Bad Weather California (Denver)
Bailer (Denver)
Battlefields (Fargo, ND)
Big Timber (Denver)
Bosnia (Denver)
Brainhammer (Denver)
Joseph Childress (San Francisco, CA)
Christie Front Drive (Denver)
City of Ships (Richmond, VA)
Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire (Denver)
Concrete Cleaner (Wichita, KS)
Crestfallen (Denver)
Dead Commuter (Wichita, KS)
Dead to Me (San Francisco, CA)
Dugout Canoe (Denver)
El Minotaur (Springfield, MO)
El Toro de la Muerte (Colorado Springs)
Empires (Minneapolis, MN)
The Empress (Wichita, KS)
Epileptinomicon (Denver)
Eyes and Ears (Denver)
Falcon Crest (Minneapolis, MN)
The Forecast (Peoria, IL)
Fucking Orange (Denver)
Ralph Gean (Denver)
Ghost Buffalo (Denver)
The Golden City (New York)
The Green Fuse (Denver)
Gryphyns (Galena, IL)
The Hope Symphony (Sacramento, CA)
Horace Van Vaughn (Denver)
The Ians (Denver)
Jah Tool (New York)
Jor Dan (Tulsa, OK)
Kingdom of Magic (Denver)
Kylesa (Savannah, GA)
La Columna Quebrada (Denver)
Lady Speech (Denver – spoken word)
Lethe (Lawrence, KS)
Lion Sized (Denver)
Los Dos and the New American Ramblers (Denver)
Lost Hands Found Fingers (Cincinnati, OH)
Low Oriole (Hutchinson, KS)
Machine Gun Blues (Denver)
Minsk (Denver)
Modernstate (Portland, OR)
motheater (Denver)
Mouth Movements (Knoxville, TN)
Mustangs & Madras (Denver)
New Dialect (Denver)
The New Rome (Denver)
No Plot Kill (Denver)
The North Atlantic (San Diego, CA)
Paradox (Denver)
Pictureplane. (Denver)
Planes Mistaken for Stars (Denver)
Red Cloud West (Denver)
Red Sparowes (Los Angeles, CA)
The Revenge (Phoenix, AZ)
Scorpion Child (Austin, TX)
Samothrace (Lawrence, KS)
Sherpas Ruse (Iowa City, IA)
The Short Histories of Powerful Nations (Springfield, MO)
Smoke or Fire (Boston, MA)
Spirit of the Stairs (Wichita, KS)
Stereotyperider (Phoenix, AZ)
Tarmints (Denver)
Think in French (Reno, NV)
The Valley Arena (Long Beach, CA)
Viper : Viper (Denver)
The Volts (Denver)
Weather is Happening (Wichita, KS)
Whiskey Kiss (Denver)
Ryan Windham (Wichita, KS)
You’ll Be A Torso (Wichita, KS)

Denverfest lineup out TOMORROW…

…but that’s no reason I can’t engage in some speculation right now.

Let’s start with the obvious:
Christie Front Drive
Golden City
The North Atlantic

I know those guys are playing.

Let’s move to pure speculation, based on things I’ve heard, things people have said, things I may or may not have made up:
The Autokinoton
Red Cloud West
Ghost Buffalo
Mustangs and Madras
Across Tundras
Git Some
Planes Mistaken for Stars (one of their last shows)
Hawks and Doves
Think in French
Crestfallen (reunion show?)
Munly and the Harlots
Machine Gun Blues
These Arms are Snakes
High on Fire
Glass and Ashes