This is the music blog of Cullen Hendrix, drummer for The North Atlantic and Pen and Ink. I was a writer for San Diego Citybeat and MusicMatters in San Diego. I’m now in Denton, focusing on the DFW/Metroplex music scene, with an emphasis on Denton, my new hometown. Expect sideways compliments and backhanded platitudes galore.


  1. Nice to read some thoughts about what is going on in SD. Thanks.

  2. I enjoy your blog. That is, of course, after I’ve gotten the real info from Cat Dirt, Rosey and myself. (Feeble attempt to be sideways)

  3. I tend to go in reverse order, however: your trash first, then Rosey’s, then Scott’s. It just works out better that way with my paper route.

  4. yo son, how about reviewing that tight sam lowry sound?

  5. hey dirtbag, nice web log.

  6. Hey!
    Thanks for the great pics and I really enjoy reading your blog (and not just the part you wrote about us). San Diego needs more people out there checking out live music and expressing their opinions both positive and negative. Thanks, and keep it up.


  7. Hello. I am excited to see that you have a blog. Yes, I just found out. No, you didn’t tell me before. Back to reading.

  8. I didn’t really want to leave this in the comments section, but I just got back to SD after 4 years of Northern California college, and wanted to know what good SD bands were still around. Counterfit, Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes broke up while I was away, and I haven’t heard of any new names. I liked the attention you brought to Murder By Death and The Lovekill, but I’m looking specifically for local bands that tear it up.

  9. Believe me, Jason: I am, too. The problem is that I haven’t seen much lately to satisfy. Most of the bands working around here these days are well known war horses or doing more of the hipster scene. What can you do?

  10. Hey Cullen!!

    A big thanks to you for the nice writings you got here…………..
    someone just forwarded me the link to this and I am impressed!

    I appreciate the comments………
    I have worked really hard for over 10 years to get to where I am now and
    when someone notices it and gives props….well, that stokes me out!

    We just had Ray over the weekend and it was show #105 for me, did a solo
    show for the first time with my own works.
    Please cruise by sometime and let’s chat…….we are always up for gig etc
    as well!

    Also, ZooKeeper is performing here for a free show in October! Contact me or Jordan
    (of Tropical Depression, the planet rooth music director) for more details…….


  11. On you Qualcomm / Superdome piece, I think that it is also important to note that the level of depravity that the individuals in question stooped to has a lot to do with the entrants initial standard of living and sense of socio-economic security. When individuals with bank-roles / insurance and friends and family to call on are tried by nature, the results are something similar to Qualcomm… people survive. When you start with little to claim in life, you are living with a elderly relative or have little else to back-up your life-style, when you actually lose everything, it is not hard to see people stoop to a surprising low. In Qualcomm, you have people that can maintain hope (especially since many have not yet lost their homes, least of all everything); At the Superdome, people lost it all and in many cases their sense of humanity. Or maybe I am just Blathering…

    Cullen, it’d be good to hear from you, shoot me a line some time…

  12. long time listener, first time caller. haven’t seen you in awhile. just thought i’d poke my head in to say hello.

  13. Nice to have you back to blogging!

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