The return of Irradio.

Ok, so it’s not their absolute return–that was Friday night at the Che with Scarlet Symphony. But it’s Irradio‘s Casbah return, and it’s going down tonight with Buzzkill Romantics and Sky Parade.

Irradio were a contemporary of TNA and our paths crossed in myriad ways: we both had bald, bookish drummers, we both had videos directed by Ryan Renteria, and we both were on the SDMusicMatters On the Verge compilation. They always reminded me of Les Savy Fav recast as a lovable revolutionaries. My conversation with vocalist/guitarist/lead dude (he’s the only remaining original member, though bassist Rick Blare has been down for the cause for some time) Dan Dasher indicated that the new band may be headed in a different direction, picking up the dub and reggae influences to match their Sandanista!-esque political musings.  Motherfuckers worked with 2Live Crew’s producer, too. How fucking rad is that?


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  1. We showed up too late to see irradio. they went on first. 😦

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