Coachella 2008 can do better than this

LA Times announces that the Verve, the Raconteurs, Jack Johnson, My Morning Jacket and Rilo Kiley.

My thoughts on this:

1. The Verve getting back together is AWESOME. I’m hoping for a generous helping of stuff from A Northern Soul.
2. The Raconteurs are that band that play the Joe Jackson cover, right?
3. Jack Johnson? Why would I pay good money to watch a surfer strum play frat party soundtrack music on an acoustic guitar? I live in San Diego–about the only thing that’s easier to find in these parts is a burrito stand.
4. My Morning Jacket will KILL in that environment, as long as they don’t have massive beards and die of beard-related heatstroke. Incidentally, the last time I wrote about Jim James (and gave him a glorious, positive review), some chief got all on my case for calling the guy a beard-o. Aren’t there bigger fights to be fought out there? Assuming that there aren’t, I’ve decided never to write anything about MMJ without mentioning beards.
5. Rilo Kiley. At least now I know when to schedule my last piss of the evening. You couldn’t pay me to give a shit about this band.

Also announced: Portishead and the Breeders were announced, too. Great, all they need to do is dig up Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (who I actually like) and my dreams of seeing a live recreation of my first stoned watching of 120 Minutes will be complete.


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