Weekend preview: Drew Andrews, The Long and Short of It

After a couple months of self-enforced solitude, I’m going to hit (and recommend) two shows this weekend:

Friday: Drew Andrews at the Whistlestop

Drew Andrews has played some interesting roles in this town: Kato to Jimmy LaValle’s Green Hornet in the Album Leaf, one third of Via Satellite, and finally, as a solo performer. Last time I saw him was at Hamilton’s, and he indicated that the solo thing might not be so solo after all. I guess we’ll see tonight. The show is free and the Whistle Stop is always a good time.

Saturday: The Long and Short of It, Demasiado, Vitro, Pen and Ink at the Casbah

Word has it that Ben Johnson himself booked the entire night, which is a good thing. Ben also drums in Hostile Combover and bartends at the Casbah, and is one of the few individuals who I think can talk about the San Diego scene, over the past fifteen years, with a straight face. Seb from Batwings has a post on the subject of the scene; it’s an oldie but a goodie.
Full disclosure: Pen and Ink is my band.


1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the shout out. It is good to have you back!

    I’ve been out of it myself, but a got a lot of shit cooking.

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