If you are still standing after the Chargers game…

…Tiltwheel, China Loca, Rich White Males, White Wizzard, and Wick are playing at the Zombie Lounge tonight. I can’t fathom gearing up for Tiltwheel right now: after the beer and pancakes morning I hosted at my house, it just doesn’t seem possible.

Eddie Spaghetti(Supersuckers)/Jordan Shapiro and The Deere Johns are at the Casbah tonight. That sounds like it might be fun, too.

A few observations on the Chargers from an erstwhile music writer with no experience in sports journalism (wait, I did cover my college’s women’s softball team):

1. Michael Turner is a pretty damn valuable backup, and won’t be around next year.
2. Darren Sproles is has another gear that most people around the country don’t know about. The Colts’ secondary does.
3. Is it just me, or does Antonio Cromartie do something awesome an average of every two times he touches the ball?
4. Nothing is quite so much fun as watching the ColtsĀ  lose. Next to the Patriots, they are are the team that most looks absolutely AMAZED when another team actually beats them. Especially Peyton Manning.
5. Our defense should be proud of their play late in the 4th quarter.

Anyway, I think I’m getting too old for day drinking–at least day drinking that is followed by any meaningful action. I definitely don’t have that in me anymore.


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