Darrell Issa, misguided.

Darrell Issa, being interviewed on Fox 6, just got done patting himself on the back for how different San Diegans are from those lousy New Orleans residents, who respond to tragedy with crime, looting, and by looking for government handouts.

I’m not going to argue any particular point with Darrell Issa: having voted thrice to authorize the war in Iraq, and once NOT to re-deploy troops out of the arena, it’s pretty obvious that the man is impervious to logic and evidence-based reasoning. For those who are interested in a comparison, I’ve written about it previously.

What I will do is say that Issa just told me everything I need to know about him in two sentences. Blaming the victim is ugly, no matter what the apparent justification for it. Issa is ostensibly a man of values; he should act like it.


Fox 6 is hosting the video of the interview on their website, though curiously, the last thirty seconds, during which Issa made the comments that sparked the above response, have been removed. Fair and balanced, indeed. Issa is a grown man. He should have to stand by his words or disavow them. Boo to Fox 6 for letting him off the hook.


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