Hot Water Music – Reunited!?

Raise your voice in swells.
Find your meanings,
then use your signs inside to relive, and live again.

–“Turnstile,” off Fuel for the Hate Game

Aside from their later stint on Epitaph, which produced some pretty marginal records, HWM is one of the most respected bands in the punk community. Glad to see they’ve got some life left in them. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chuck Ragan‘s troubadour thing, and the Draft are fun (and fun drinkers), but this is so much better than the sum of its parts.


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  1. so did they reunite or what?
    when i saw chuck and the draft sets at the no idea showcase i was sure a hwm song would ensue, all the revelry and merry making going on at that drunk fest, alas, it didn’t occur. the draft is writing pre-epitaph songs and chuck is writing pre-epitaph lyrics/rumbleseat stuff, seems like a lot of work for the same goal – reliving the glory days of awesome hwm songs.

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