Rosey ( kickin’ up dust

Rosey is a buddy, and one of my primary inspirations for getting this blog up and rolling. Now that we’re both moonlighting at Citybeat, I have to give her props for a legit Locals Only this week. Slap fights breaking up tours? Gypsy punks getting arrested in TJ, only to be sprung by a “guy who knows a guy”? This is hot shit. I want to be a detective in the world that Rosey’s got the pulse of. It sounds like an interesting place to be. I’m guessing next week’s will be even better.

Prayers going to England? Sounds about right. Hopefully they can get some NME love and become the next Louis XIV.


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  1. Di Nigunim does not like to be called a Gypsy band. They had no problem with them talking about their pot pipe, but don’t dare call them Gypsy.

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