PLAN A: The Prayers, The Muslims, The Atoms, The Vultures, The Sess, The Sundelles @ The Casbah. One of the best all-local lineups you’ll see all year. If someone asked a San Diego music scene regular, “Which San Diego bands should I check out?” their answer would look exactly like this bill. We’ve described them all ad nauseam in the past–go listen for yourselves. A sure sellout. MS/thefuckingprayers, MS/themuslims, MS/thesess, MS/atoms, MS/officialvultures, MS/thesundellesmusic.

I don’t know, I think my answer, and I guess I’m a San Diego “scene” regular, would include the following: Transfer, Earthless, Vision of a Dying World, Sleeping People, Kill Me Tomorrow. I think what Citybeat meant to say is “If someone asked a Beauty Bar/San Diego House Parties scene regular…” I’m not saying there’s anything in particular wrong with any of the bands playing that night–I just think out scene is a lot bigger–and more diverse, and more interesting–than THE Fest.



  1. haha. i’d much rather see you do the if i were you every week. people are such sheep in SD.

  2. more of the same old, same old. Diet people…bad scene, EVERYBODIES fault.

  3. All griping about that scene’s dominance aside, it should be noted that the same article gave Plan A status to Jesu and Earthless. Respect.

  4. I thought the If I Were You… was your new gig? How are those plan A on both Friday AND Saturday? Half of THE bands sound like Strokes cover bands. That’s all fine and good, but don’t act like they’re THE bands to see in SD. Particularly not when Sleeping People are having their CD release show. F. And Transfer is the Backup Plan?. Get f-ing serious. I know Transfer gets their fair share of love from Troy and Co., but they deserve it more than these sloppy playing garage revivalists. On a side note, I don’t really get KMT. I’ve seen them a couple times now. Would anyone go see them if Kate wasn’t stunning? I’m not just trying to hate, by the way, I just think Sleeping People and Transfer are two of the shining stars of the scene.

  5. “If I Were U” was something I tried my hand at for the first time last week (or the week before?). Truth be told, I massively underestimated how hard it is to pull off–researching all the bands takes an incredible amount of time and energy, and it’s amazing that Troy (or whoever happens to be writing that week) is able to pull it off.

    Opinions are opinions. Everyone has got one. I didn’t intend for this post to rip my editor and colleague at Citybeat. I’m not going to take it down, because I do think it’s worthwhile to ask the question: Why are these the bands that are associated with San Diego’s scene? Is it because they have the most crossover appeal? I’ve seen several of these bands play a few times and don’t really think they’re more successful than the other bands I mentioned.

    I do want to make it clear that yes, Citybeat does give plenty of shine to lots of good (and not just well known) touring bands, and local bands, and Troy, for that fact, brought bands like Deerhoof, Maximo Park, Fu Manchu, Wolf Eyes, These Arms are Snakes, and TV on the Radio to a local music show. That’s impressive, by any city’s standards.

    Kill Me Tomorrow are very unique–they aren’t the easiest band to listen to but I find their shows rewarding for their intensity and willingness to take chances.

  6. I fully respect how much time it takes. It all comes down to individual taste in a lot of cases. The whole “Which bands should I check out?” thing is ridiculous, though. You would want an outsider to think all the bands here are just regurgitating? Sleeping People are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least they’re doing something fresh and challenging.

    KMT are interesting, it’s true. I just don’t connect with the music, I guess. I wasn’t trying to bag on them, I’m just curious as to what excites people about them.

  7. I agree with you. Every single band that was part of THE Fest isn’t in any way Nationally Marketable. I don’t mean to say that you have to be marketable to be the best local band in San Diego, but those bands all have a fanbase that falls in the 20-30 year old punk demographic (that may even be a stretch). I don’t think anyone who has seen more than 10 bands around town would call any of those bands THE BEST IN SD.

    What makes it even more foolish is that Dirty Sweet and Transfer were playing the same day and fell 4 notes behind them, while both of those groups would appeal to rockers of the same age group, plus grandmas and infants. So to me, that says that local music has to be cool to 20-30 somethings to be the best in town and any other age group has no say in the matter.

  8. most SD bands arent nationally marketable, who cares if you went to the show you know it was good

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