Los Angeles, doing what it does best…

…which is barfing up tired, bar-rag G n’ R ripoffs like James Hart. James Hart used to sing for 18 Visions, which started life as a respectable metalcore act before floating toward Avenged Sevenfold territory with their later material. None of it sold particularly well, which is a problem when the best thing that can be said about your music is that it should have sold particularly well.

Anyway, proving that music industry darlings tend to fail upward, James Hart has been signed as a solo artist by Island/Def Jam, who, if memory serves, haven’t broken a good band in years (though they’ve certainly broken up decent ones). This shit sounds like Buckcherry, which is to say it sounds like Guns n’ Roses without the paranoia or Queen influence.

The best thing about the whole situation? The last time these particular coke-and-dick rockers roamed the earth, a giant asteroid in the form of Nirvana came along and killed them all off. I can only hope this bodes well for the next generation of rock and roll music.



  1. nice AX7 hating there. what is sad is that AX7 is only going to get bigger. at least on the radio. sigh.

  2. James Hart isn’t a solo-artist anymore.
    He is now the frontman of a new rock band named “Burn Halo”.

  3. I think that’s really funny that you’re comparing them to Avenged when all of 18V’s albums came out BEFORE A7X. I heard this shit before and unlike all you other wanna be smart bitches, I actually looked it up.

    There is a year difference between ALL their albums except the first couple of 18V albums. Look up your facts before you try and compare — because really, A7X took the style from them, not the other way around.

  4. I don’t claim to know much about 18 Visions or Avenged Sevenfold. What I do know is that I didn’t say that 18V was ripping off Avenged Sevenfold: I described 18V’s music by way of comparing it to an artist (A7X) that more people would be familiar with. They teach you how to do that in wanna-be smart bitch school.

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