New Les Savy Fav drops tomorrow…

And believe me, they are back in a very, very big way. The record, called Let’s Stay Friends, is blowing up in my headphones right now. For those of you that slept the first time around, I highly recommend catching them as soon as you can. Tastes have finally caught up to their spastic, sarcastic take on post-punk, and their live show is one for the ages–more fun than you can have legally in most places.

A lot of that’s due to Tim Harrington, their enigmatic frontman. Have you ever been to a house party where some fat, sweaty dude was mysteriously the most eligible bachelor in the joint, impressing the ladies (and gents) alike with the sheer magnitude of his, “Yeah, I’ve got a gut and a bald spot, but I just Indian leg-wrestled Chuck Lidell to a standstill and had beers with Stephen Hawking.” He’s like the mutant offspring of Gallagher, Heavy D, and The Most Interesting Man in the World.

A lot of it has to do with Seth Jabour and Syd Butler, a bass and guitar duo that definitely influenced a generation of caddish post-punk band, including mine.



  1. Fuck yes…Pots & Pans blows shit outta’ the way.

  2. gonna go get this shit asap.
    btw you should have the new big business by now. its gonna make my end of year top ten.

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