Nachtmystium, Skeletonwitch @ Scolari’s Office

+ = ????

A friend of mine in Louisiana was telling me about the Nachtmystium/Skeletonwitch tour, about how massively influential both bands are, about how they are loved by the black metal community and Pitchfork-savvy hipsters alike…the more he talked, the more the show sounded like a must-see, even for a metal dilettante like myself.

Then he told me where the show would be: Scolari’s Office.

I nearly fell off my chair. Scolari’s as most of you know, is the kind of place that barely has a old guy check IDs, barely has a PA, and doesn’t charge a cover. I envision all sorts of scenarios for this one, but the main point is that I expect this show to be packed and crrrraaaazzzzy. On the same tour, these bands are hitting El Corazon (400 cap) and Satyricon (450) on this same tour and are playing what amounts to an alcoholic pensioner’s living room in Diego. I love my town. They’re here on September 8.


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  1. sounds like it will be crazy fun…may have to check it out after the brmc/kings of leon show.

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