Hey cat dirt, I’m mounting an expeditionary force of my own…

Some call it a cow town. Sure, it’s a cow town, in the same sense that Brooklyn is an Italian ghetto, San Diego is a Catholic mission and I am a zygote. Denver is a wonderful city, in my opinion. Close to the mountains, 300+ days of sunshine a year, a city with an ethos that’s at once aw-shucks Midwestern hospitality and frontier DIY ethic. All four major sports teams, a thriving art and music scene, and cost of living that’s almost 50% less than it is here.

I will drink your beer, eat your wonderful vegan food and partake of your fairest of all summer treats: the 3-day bro- and sis-fest that is Denverfest. My plane leaves in 15 hours…and I can hardly wait.

Haven’t heard any specifics about the Christie Front Drive show yet, except that the online pre-sale appears to have done a brisk business. This should be interesting, and you can bet I’ll be updating as often as I can over the next three days.



  1. Can’t wait.

  2. catdirt’s been on the pro-denver bandwagon since catdirt and cdw eloped there in um 2003…let us know how it goes, we ate at a really good 12-seat place called claire de lune methinks

  3. Yeah, the city is pretty spectacular. My favorite eats:

    1. Watercourse Cafe.
    2. Sputnik Lounge (late night vegan comfort food, cool bar, right next to the Hi-Dive).
    3. City o’ City, an Ode to the City
    4. Taki’s (though I didn’t make it there this weekend–too much to do).

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