Show Review: Slayer, Bleeding Though @ Sports Arena

Old News Alert: My interview with Tom Araya from Slayer was published last week in San Diego Citybeat. You can read it here. From what the folks over a Blabbermouth are saying, it was pretty well received in the metal community. The real question is how it was received by casual fans and the like.

This was my first show at the Sports Arena. Initial observations are that it’s the only big venue in town with a Heavy Metal Parking Lot vibe–and not just because of the bill for the evening, but because security, and the cops for that matter, seemed to have no problem with a lot of open booze consumption. Don’t know if that’s because it’s a private parking lot or not, but glad to see these folks are a lot cooler than those at Coors Amphitheater.

Bleeding Through is a goth/hardcore/extreme metal band from Orange County. In a lot of ways they are the perfect bridge between Manson and Slayer, mixing the gothic, operatic schtick of Manson with horse-gallop beats of thrash, cookie monster vocals, circle-pit inspiring breakdowns and the like. I think their primary claim to fame is that their keyboardist is one of Revolver Magazine‘s “Hottest Chicks in Metal.” I report, you decide (Marta, their keyboardist, is on the right):

Their set was pretty short at to-the-point. It may have been goth-thrash-by-numbers but it’s easy to see why the someone would take the Evanescence vibe and head into extreme territory with it.

FUCKIN’ SLAYER was, of course, awesome. There’s really not much more than can be said about their live show, so I won’t bother recapping here. Suffice it to say that the visuals were overpowering, the pace was breathtaking, and it’s very, very good to see Dave Lombardo back in the fold, though Paul Bostaph was no fucking slouch.

Set list:

01. Flesh Storm
02. War Ensemble
03. Chemical Warfare
04. Ghost Of War
05. Jihad
06. Cult
07. Disciple
08. Bitter Peace
09. Jesus Saves
10. South Of Heaven
11. Raining Blood
12. Hell Awaits
13. Mandatory Suicide
14. Angel Of Death

I didn’t stick around for Marilyn Manson, but this essentially sums up my position on him.


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