Denver Invades San Diego, parts 1 and 2

Tomorrow night: Kingdom of Magic @ The Zombie Lounge. Yours truly, and everyone else who knows a good time and likes stoner metal, will be there. It’s gonna be epic. I think they play second. A shitty band called Pen and Ink plays first. I can’t say enough good things about Kingdom of Magic, and their enigmatic frontman, Luscious Armand Fairchild. If you were fortunate enough to catch Git Some when they were here, you know what to expect.

September 21: Planes Mistaken for Stars farewell tour arrives at the Casbah. That’s the night before my birthday–I think I’ll get the party started a little early. No word as who is doing support yet. There will be more on this show, I can assure you.


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  1. […] I didn’t know shit about Kingdom of Magic until 10 minutes ago when I read about them over at Dirtbag’s Delight, but saw that they are playing the little dive bar tonight, Coconuts, in Orange County that seems […]

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