Maybe I should rethink my criticism of New Wave

From The lead singer of punk band Against Me! was arrested Monday night on a battery charge after he allegedly smashed a Tallahassee man’s head against the counter of a coffee shop, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

You can read the rest of the article here. Essentially, Tom Gabel got pissed because some flyer for his band had been defaced in the coffee shop, which led to an altercation, which led to him slapping a cup out of somone’s hand, which led to the Gabel-powered faceplant into the counter.

I tend to be pretty harsh on artists that get all huffy when their work, or band, or songs, or aesthetic, are criticized. My inkling is to be especially harsh in this case. If, as a 26 year old that’s toured the world, played Coachella, and gotten to be famous playing original music, you can’t handle the fact that some people won’t like your work…that’s just sad. Grow up. Billions of Chinese people are scarcely aware of your existence. You get to play guitar for a living–a pretty good one, if the venues they’ve been playing are any indication. I hope I don’t meet the guy in person: one question about selling out might occasion a beat down.

Perhaps he was provoked (nothing in the report suggests anything warranting a, er, countering (like curbing, yet less lethal). Perhaps he was just having a bad day. Or maybe he should switch to decaf tea…or, as the report says, “lemon ginger tea.”



  1. wow. what a tard.

  2. Careful, Lyn, you might catch a beatdown, too.

  3. i can take him. i probably weigh more than he does!!!

  4. Seriously, he got called a sell out and tried to beat up some random kid. What a winner.

  5. i still love the man
    no matter what
    hes an amazing singer and musician
    and hes hot as hell

  6. i’m no AM! hater, in fact i’m a total fan boy but here is an article by conklin that is pretty much an indictment of the obvious folley of not saying what you mean and meaning what you say. tho goddamn they write catchy shit.
    he makes an interesting point by stating — What Gabel doesn’t understand, and what the mainstream press just plain doesn’t give a flying shit about, is that when you say the same things over and over again, as loudly as he did, into a microphone no less, to countless impressionable teenagers, you’ve effectively lost your right to just decide one day that you didn’t mean any of it. You forfeit not your right to change your mind, but your right to change your mind without explanation.

  7. who cares. i’d be pissed too. that band is F***ing awesome. Get over it. if he wants to smash pplz heads then so be it. it was probably some drunk anyway, and you know how that can get.

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