Who manages Scarlet Symphony?

Prime set times at 94/9 Independence Jam, SoCo Music Experience. Large radio presence in this market. No presence in national market.Who manages this band? Readers, you get a gold star if you can come up with a name for me.



  1. as far as i know, they don’t have an official manager. before they went on hiatus, halloran was pretty much helping them out (not really managing them as that would be a conflict of interest, no?)

    so that’s why they are huge in this market. the radio peeps love them. you know that marco collins was in charge of talent for SCMX, right?

  2. Ahhhh…it all makes sense now. Yes, that would be a colossal conflict of interest. Whether or not it’s above board or not is really the issue. This does go a long way to explaining a lot of this stuff. And yeah, I’d heard that about Marco.

    Interesting, these local bands that get the big local push but don’t really attempt to capitalize on it…then again: capitalize how?

  3. Yeah, not much to capitalize on. But Scarlet Symphony had some overseas success. I seem to recall that their last big tour before hiatus was in Japan.

  4. They had some overseas. I don’t know if it was a success or not.

  5. ok so i’ll clear this all up
    scarlet symphony is self managed
    yes we know people at 94.9
    we also know most of the other local media figures too,…

    mike halloran didn’t get us on the indie jam show
    i’m sure that when they had a meeting at 949 that he said sure thats a good idea
    but the local “casbah ” stage was booked by tim mayes and tim pyles

    mike has been a good friend to the band and introduced us to other bands
    industry people and passed on cds ..etc
    i’m sure that isn’t’ a conflict of interest
    as we aren’t played on 94.9 other than the local show ..

    we got on the bill
    the same way grand ole party , mr tube ,the softlights and transfer got on the bill
    we got asked to play .. after we told tim mays and tim plyles that we were thinking of pulling scarlet out of hiatus

    incase anybody forgot scarlet symphony was and is a hard working band
    and yes we have been very fortunate to have support from alot of people in town
    other bands , fans , press , club owners …

    to be completely honest
    when we got the indie jam show
    we thought we’d be opening ( that was our first show in two years )
    but it just worked out the way it did .

    we’ve just played show number six since returning from hiatus
    we’re putting the pieces back together , playing our asses off
    and will be recording a new record in the near future

    we book our own shows
    record our own records
    and put out our own records

    incase you wana know the skinny

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