SoCo brings Flaming Lips, BRMC, boozehounds to Petco parking lot, August 25

Wayne Coyne on his way to Venus, Coachella 2004

This isn’t exactly a scoop, but…


SoCo announced some of the hottest music acts will play the SoCo Music Experience (SCMX) stages with some of the best and brightest local artists in San Diego, August 25.

The event will feature Flaming Lips, Z-Trip and Special Guests, Galactic, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Delta Spirit. It will take place at the Ace Parking Lot (Corner of Park Blvd. & Imperial Ave. next to Petco Park) on Saturday, Aug. 25 (Gates open at 3:00 p.m.; close at 11:30 p.m.).

The event is free and 21+.

Flaming Lips, BRMC, knowing the person next to you is of the age of consent in all US territories, free Southern Comfort
Flaming Lips, BRMC, the possibility that the person next to you is the kind of person that drinks a lot of Southern Comfort, it’s not free Jim Beam

The Flaming Lips are still a good time, no doubt. Unfortunately, they’re at least two albums removed from their greatest work, The Soft Bulletin, and probably haven’t realized it just yet. BRMC is fine, I suppose–certainly good enough to warrant seeing for free. I just hope it’s not a SoCo or no-co kind of situation: they better have some beer, because the idea of thousands of people drinking SoCo for eight hours in the sun in August is in the running for worst idea ever–kind of like the “Free Dozen Egg night” promotion in BASEketball.

What, no Brand New? Don’t they have a song called “SoCo Amaretto Lime?”



  1. Teehee. I’ve been on a SoCo kick for months now. More SoCo for me if you’re not drinking any.

    I think it will be a good time. One of the bands you didn’t mention – Galactic is my fave band from NOLA. They are great live.

    And Brand New still plays SoCoAmarettoLime live. They actually played it the last time they were in SD at SOMA.

  2. Brand New. Poor guys–they’re the best band of their particular Long Island/Jersey scene and the don’t get an eighth the credit of the MCRs and Taking Back Sundays of their world.

  3. Yeah, why is that? I love those guys. And they are better than MCR and TBS.

  4. Where did you get the free SoCo idea from? Yeah, there will likely be a free area for VIPs (sponsors, CityBeat peeps, band guests and people like me finding some way to snag a badge), but gen pop won’t be getting free booze. Drinks last year were a variety of SoCo drinks for about $6 a pop, and there was beer- Miller Lite, I think. But you know what will be free? Hundreds of annoying mardi gras beads. Because any event in San Diego somehow required them.

  5. I resent the implication that SoCo would use this event as an opportunity to publicize their product or make money selling it. You have to be pretty callous to assert something like that.

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