Just confirmed to interview…

Oh yeah, this is going to fun. Hell Awaits. Reign in Blood. Seasons in the Abyss. I am clearly not worthy. I’m gonna come correct though: plenty of questions about whether or not they’re Satanists, and whether or not they’re Nazis, and whether or not getting Congress and the PMRC to debate the relative merits of their Satanic messages was the most incredibly bright career move imaginable. Well, I’ll make sure to ask about one of the three. At this point, I would imagine Tom Araya is more involved in his kid’s school activities and managing his investments than slaughtering goats in the name of Baphomet.

Any ideas for questions I absolutely have to ask? Ideas will be entertained in the comments section.  Oh yeah–the interview is for Citybeat. Table scraps may appear here after the article is in press.



  1. Ask them what they were thinking when they made one of the greatest albums ever — Reign in Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m so glad you’re writing for city beat. i may actually even read it now.

  3. You’re gonna hurt Troy’s feelings, talking like that.

  4. Why am I now singing Slayer songs!
    Good stuff. I can’t wait to read your interview.

  5. i actually AM reading it now. and its pretty good. nice piece.

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