San Diego Music Awards: My votes

I went over and voted for the San Diego Music Awards. I think it’s interesting that fans get to vote on some categories but the “Academy” gets to vote on others. Oh, and seriously, you guys totally blew it by not inviting me to be a member of the Academy. I mean, I realize all I do is know stuff about music, and write about music, and actually go see the bands that made the cut on a regular basis, but really: how can that compete with the brain trust they have on retainer over there? Talent buyers? Radio programmers? We are talking the creme of the entertainment industry crop!

Best Cover: Cash’d Out

Best Pop: Kite Flying Society

Best Jazz: Gilbert Castellanos

Best Alternative: Vision of a Dying World. This was a tough category.

Best Acoustic:

Best Rock: Transfer. Daredevil Jane? Is this some kind of fucking joke?

Best Blues:

Best Hard Rock: Earthless, and second is not even close.

Best World Music: Society!

Best DJs: I’ll start voting for this when “Best Blogger” gets a category. It may be something, but it ain’t making music.

Best Americana/Country: Silverbird

Best Electronic: Microphone Mike (representin’ the Hill)

Best Hip Hop: Don’t know enough to vote.

Best New Artist: Barfer?

Artist of the Year: Augustana. Laugh all you want, but these guys went from being close to being dropped to having Matt Lauer in their Rolodex this year. That’s a slightly better year than the one that Grand Ole Party had.



  1. I’m not laughing at your Augustana pick. That’s who I voted for, too. They had an amazing year.

  2. For best Hip-Hop, Miki Vale deserves the win…she’s incredible. Do a quick myspace search for her page and take a listen…even non hip-hop fans tend to like her.

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