Tonight’s the Night: Limbeck @ SOMA, Valient Thorr @ The Casbah

Tonight’s appetizer is OC’s Limbeck. Limbeck’s career arc seems to follow that of Murder by Death: first records display emo-ish tendencies the bands’ picked up in high school and college, while their later stuff moves toward country-tinged territory. Whereas MBD wind up somewhere in between Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello, Limbeck winds up closer to Graham Parsons and early Wilco. I’ll be interviewing the band for MusicMatters magazine, which reminds me that I ought to think about what I might ask them. They’re playing with the Format and the Honorary Title.

The main course is Valient Thorr at the Casbah. Rather than try to describe what the scene will be like, I found this visual representation:

If you don’t understand why I can dig stuff like this but not 95% o the “metal” that comes out of LA, find an online dictionary and look up the term “taking the piss.” Valient Thorr must be the most earnest piss-takers of all time. I’ve seen them four or five times now, and I still have no idea to what degree they are a) ZZ Top-esque showmen, b) criticism of punk rock, or c) meta-criticism of rock and roll. The one thing I can tell you is that they are a hell of a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it. As this is a Volcom Records tour, the support will be Totimoshi and ASG.


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  1. Have fun tonight. I’ll be there in spirit.

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