Keeping tabs on an eleven year old is proving more taxing than I had anticipated. Later in the week I’ll have more updates, including posts about TNA’s last San Diego show (will it be the second to last TNA show, period?), Barfer?’s last show, and related hilarity.

Until then, I invite you to enjoy the following. Hum, one of my all-time favorites, rocking their hit “Star” on 120 Minutes. Fashionistas, check the tight-legged jean cutoffs on frontman Matt Talbott. In some ways, the mid-90s were a fantastic time before the terrain for alternative music was really all mapped out. I may sound like a nostalgic old man, but ask yourself the question: how often are bands blowing your mind these days?


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  1. The shorts? How bout those glasses he’s rockin? That is some style, my friend.

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