Chicago/Wow, small world.

Today you get a double dose of Chicago on the blogroll. The first addition is seaworthy southeast thesaurus, a blog written by my literary friend (and fellow K College alum) John Cunningham. I re-stumbled upon John’s stuff today, and as I gear up to bid my band mates an adieu as they head to Chicago, I imagine I’ll be reading his stuff pretty regularly from now on. John’s a great writer and critic; I’d be lying if I didn’t say that reading his blog years ago influenced my desire to write about music as a window into larger social and ethical questions. Reading his review of Pitchfork’s festival (I know, San Diego is pretty pitchforked out right now; what can you do? They’re like crabgrass dressed in argyle), I was surprised to learn that someone I knew in high school and college is the chief music critic at the Chicago Reader. That person is Miles Raymer.

Miles and I weren’t friends (though we were friendly), but we knew each other and were a couple of the only people in my high school/college years that spent any time at 31G, the all ages venue at which I got my first taste of bands like Compound Red, the Suicide Machines, Catch 22, and others making the rounds of the midwest’s punk/emo underground in the mid to late 90s. I was a fan of his band, Trocar, with whom TNA played I believe two shows (one of which was also with Small Brown Bike. Those were the good old days). Miles doesn’t seem to update his own blog very often but does keep up with his contributions to the Reader’s.

Both of these people are up on what’s going down in the Second City. If you’re interested at all in what’s happening there, these two would be good people to read.


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