Salem Witch trials…

I was feeling a little bit tapped out from swatting Pitchfork-reading flies all afternoon over at–that is, until I realized that today is the 315th anniversary of the hangings that resulted from the Salem Witch Trials. In honor of said date, I thought I would take a little strong down musical memory lane with a witch-themed band I think is rad. Hey, it’s better than another 500 words on whether or not people should be able to video blip-on-the-radar indie rockers.

Witch is J. Mascis’s other band. He’s is better known for a) playing guitar in Dinosaur Jr. and b) looking like Bob from Twin Peaks. It’s a little known fact that he also plays drums in Witch, a strange, heavy, heshy metal band. I got to see about ten minutes of them at SXSW last year. It was at a bizarre afterparty that took place about two miles from the strip. Other than Witch, the highlights of that event were running into Adam Gnade and seeing one of the people from our label piss his jeans a little bit. As I recall he didn’t have a chance to change before flying home.

Heebie Jeebies, volume 1 and 2. J’s on the left, Bob’s on the right

San Diego needs to get to work giving me more reasons to write about San Diego. I didn’t get started with this enterprise to talk about Twin Peaks and guitar-slinging heroes from the days of grunge.


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