“Who broke up with who?” “Well, it was kind of a mutual thing…”

From Local’s Only:

Local rock band Vinyl Radio has split. Keyboardist Andrew Bernhardt made the decision to concentrate on fronting his own band, The Swedish Models. No word at press time if a farewell show will happen, but the other band members aren’t itching to jump back into another band. “It’s just too disheartening to put that much effort into something only to have it taken away from you,” said frontman Matt Binder. MS/vinylradio

Ouch. That hurts.

One question: if the rest of the band is that broken up about it, how hard is it to get a new keyboardist?



  1. to refer to andrew as just a keyboardist is retarted. he also played lead guitar on most tracks, did a significant amount of the writing and is also probably the best live performer in sd.

  2. I didn’t refer to Andrew as “just a keyboardist.” I referred to him the say way the article referred to him, which is as the keyboardist. I don’t know the internal writing process of your band, or his centrality to it. I do know that I don’t like the use of the word “retarded” in reference to opinions about the breakups of local bands. I never saw Vinyl Radio, but I’m sure this is hard for you as a person and as friends/band members. I’ve been through it myself. You can’t take this stuff (and by this stuff I mean press) too seriously. You also can’t put stuff like this out there in the public domain, for publication, and expect people not to form opinions about it. My role is critic/observer. I’m critiquing/observing.

  3. now now settle down everyone.

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