The Ten

Paul Rudd and the people who brought you Wet Hot American Summer and MTV’s The State have a movie coming out. If you’ve ever been a fan on either, this trailer might make you pee a little. It’s that awesome.

Paul Rudd is one of my favorite comedic actors. Even more than Steve Carrell, I think he really stole the show in Anchorman. Sex Panther? By Odeon? I think I just pulled a muscle in my back.



  1. I’m sorry, Cullen, I didn’t see you there.

  2. Huh? What?

  3. Did you not watch the entire trailer this post is about? Watch it again.

  4. indeed, cullen, indeed.

  5. This might just become the best move ever!

  6. I have a flat-screen tv rigged up to play this trailer on repeat 24/7 and I put that whole thing on top of my car. Talk about wastefult but anything to get a little buzz going for T.T. right?

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