The power of Pete

Today’s treat: I let you behind the veil of Dirtbag’s Delight’s inner workings–the items searched that yield links to my page.

I know, I know: it’s like peeking behind the curtain and instead of finding Oz, you find a bald 29-year old with garlic breath who, despite his best efforts, is getting a rather large proportion of his traffic by mentioning Pete Wentz in a post on My American Heart. Keep in mind that I wasn’t writing about Pete Wentz (though now I am–what have I become?).

Being the empiricist that I am, I figured I’d check out just how long you have to click through on Google, having searched for “pete wentz”, to arrive at my page. The answer? Couldn’t find it. I waded through about 2000 results for said search, and nothing.

My questions are two: first, are people really searching for Petey that much? I mean Christ, he’s not just number 1. He’s number 2, and 5, and 7. And like I said–the post wasn’t even about him.

Second, for even the most rabid of fans, were the first 2000 searches not enough to satiate your desire for all things Wentz? Maybe I forget what it was like to be a teenager, or an aging goth chicken hawk, or whoever it is that looks for this kind of stuff (save easily distracted bloggers). Anyway, I just don’t get it.


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