Logjam on July 31…

OK, San Diego really, really needs to help me out with more awesome shows with the following:

1. Bearded dudes, black t-shirts (both on stage and in the crowd)
2. Punk of the non-So-Cal variety
3. Rock of the non-Sunset-Strip variety

July 31 looks like it’s serving up a double helping of shows that fit that bill. The first is Limbeck playing with a bunch of weenies over at SOMA; I’m going to do my best to get to that show, though I am loathe to pay for it. Later, however, we get a real, real treat in the form of Valient Thorr later that night at the Casbah.

I’ve seen Valient Thorr three times, and they’ve yet to do anything but put a big, big smile on my face. They are to ZZ Top what the Darkness is to Def Leppard: a loving, winking, self-depricating recreation of a sound and spirit of a massively overblown band whose persona eventually overshadowed their obvious tunefulness and fun. Thorr’s got a mythology all their own (I don’t know, they’re from Uranus or some such silliness), but they rock hard and unapologetically. Their shows have been the closest thing to a Les Savy Fav-like experience I’ve seen since, characterized by an active, raucous crowd and a hairy, paunchy frontman whose whole stage shtick puts all the rock and roll pretenders in these parts to shame…part metacriticism, part carnival barker, part great bar band.

It really, really bums me out to no end that I’m having to look all the way to the end of the month to find compelling shows to write about. San Diego dirtbags–get on the ball

Oh yeah, I just found this video of Valient Thorr playing SXSW with Wayne Kramer of the MC5. If they get his seal of approval, they should get yours, too.



  1. valient thorr looks fun- and they’re on “volcom records” so you know they have indie cred.

  2. and… valient thorr is already my friend on myspace? how is that possible i only heard of them after reading your post.

  3. Haha, yes, they have all sorts of “indie cred.” They have all sorts of sleeveless jean jackets, too.

  4. i am bummed that i am missing valient thorr. i think they got voted smelliest band on warped a couple of years ago. instant cred in my book.

  5. Smelliest band on Warped Tour? That’s quite the red badge of courage. Why didn’t they vote them the most awesome thing amongst awesome things? At least that would have been a little more appropriate.

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