Planes Mistaken for Stars, RIP

Planes, circa 2007

Planes, circa 1997

Planes Mistaken for Stars, Denver-by-way-of-Peoria emo/punk/hardcore barbarians, are calling it quits. I’m glad that their last tour, a bro-fest blow out with Mastodon, Against Me! and Cursive, was a lot of fun and got them in front of the kind of audiences they’ve long deserved. The North Atlantic had the pleasure of touring with these guys for three months last year. They are great people and wonderful friends who, I am sure, I will know for a great many years.

I’m long going to wonder and scratch my head at the way that their last label, Abacus, chose to deal with their record. From what I saw (and granted it wasn’t everything), Abacus never really got behind the record. I never saw a big publicity push in terms of reviews, advertisements, etc. I never saw them horse trading to get Planes on bigger, better tours. I never really saw them taking any kind of active role in helping guide the band from a business perspective. Granted, that’s not the label’s job, per se, but it doesn’t make any sense to spend Matt Bayles money recording a record and get cheap when it comes to promotion and having a dedicated, hardworking A&R person work the record. It’s all too bad, because Mercy is an excellent record that, I think, could have worked to Planes advantage in the metal world, had they chosen to go that route.

I wonder what Hawks and Doves (Gared O’Donnell’s new project) will sound like. Word is that Gared is once again collaborating with original PMFS guitarist Matthew Bellinger, which can only mean good, good things. I think it might mean also that Hawks and Doves will wind up being more direct and accessible. Gared’s favorite bands, as I recall (and Matt reminded me), are the Replacements, Nomeansno, and the Police. That sounds like it would make for an interesting concoction to me.

Guess this might be another band playing their last show at Denverfest. Speaking of which, the lineup for Denverfest III should be posted later today.


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  1. looks like i’ll have to convince the wife of a trip to denver this year after all. at least it’ll be before the blizzard season.

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