Venue Review: Triple Rock Social Club

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Capacity: 400

Age restriction: varies, usually 21+

Neighborhood: The Triple Rock is located on the West Bank of Minneapolis. Thankfully, this doesn’t translate to near-constant shoot-outs between rival political factions. The neighborhood is safe enough, with residential areas around, but due to the TR’s infamous hospitality, I’ve yet to do much exploring.

Decor/vibe: A large Casbah with vaulted ceilings? Attached to a vegan-friendly brew pub? Arriving there in the midst of a long tour, I had a feeling I can only imagine can be likened to finding an oasis in the desert.

Regular crowd: All types, from rockers to neighborhood academics and young professionals (especially in the brew pub).

Staff friendliness: Absolutely top-notch. The Triple Rock treats each and every band like they’re an important headliner, and showgoers seem to be treated with plenty of respect. The stage manager is ridiculously cool, friendly and eager to help/keep bands comfortable. The bartenders all seem to enjoy their work, too. I guess this is what I expected from a bar that’s owned by the Dillinger Four (and Minnesotans in general; they’re preternaturally friendly). The only potential negative thing is that the touring soundman for the Hold Steady does sound there when he’s home from tour. He thinks it’s beneath him, and he doesn’t mind letting you know it.

Hospitality: Some of the best anywhere. Plenty of free drinks (including the booze you actually want to drink), meal buyouts that are good in their pub, which has some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had (certainly the best vegan pub food), and a comfortable but somewhat small green room.


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