Venue Review: the Milestone Club

This will be a reoccuring theme, with information about the various venues we’ve played across this great land. I’ll try and be as honest as possible, and eventually hope to get to all of them that I can remember. Oh yeah: if you’re in a touring band, and you’ve played the venue, please comment!

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Capacity: 200

Age restriction: 21+

Neighborhood: Easily the worst thing about the venue. Occupies a neighborhood that might as well be a demilitarized zone. Apparently cabs and tow trucks refuse to service the neighborhood after dark (a person in a local band and the club’s barback/runner confirmed this). No good eats nearby, unless you like Southern cooking, Taco Bell or Subway.

Decor/vibe: Bombed out garage? Coolest basement party ever? Kind of somewhere between the two. Strange bar in front of the stage separates performers from overzealous fans/balance-challenged drunks.

Regular crowd: Rocker dudes, college kids.

Staff friendliness: Top notch folks who let us stay at the venue because it wasn’t safe to use hotels in the area. Bands they like are welcome to add their grafitti to the venue’s historic tags (Fugazi, Bad Brains), which lends credence to their claim to the be the “CBGB’s of the South.”

Hospitality: Good to very good. No food, but buyouts weren’t a problem and they had plenty of cold beer and liquor. Some drink tickets provided, after that everything (including $1.50 Mickey’s snubnoses) were half price. Bar staff were friendly and allowed us to use their internet. Place is frequented by an off-duty cop who doesn’t stick his nose in other people’s business and generally adds to the strange, CBGB’s-meets-Dukes of Hazzard vibe of the place.


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