Show Preview: Jim James (My Morning Jacket) @ The Belly Up Tavern 7/9/07

Jim James

Let’s hope this beardo is nicer to his fans than this one.

When I posted about the other bloggers in town not just being welcoming but being downright helpful in getting me started, this is the kind of stuff I mean: Rosey ( offered to take me to the private Jim James (he of My Morning Jacket fame) show tonight at the Belly Up. This will represent a couple of firsts for me, so as you can imagine I’m pretty excited:

1. First trip to the Belly Up. That’s right: having lived here for seven years now, I have never actually been to the famed Solana Beach venue. How is that possible? Well, it has something to do with their penchant for charging fairly high ticket prices and booking the kind of bands that wouldn’t sound too out of place as the soundtrack to an average Solana Beach bar experience. That said, the sound is by universal acclaim fabulous, and it’s a local institution. I understand there may be onion rings involved, too?

2. First time seeing Jim James. My Morning Jacket, along with Tool and the Flaming Lips, is one of the only new bands (i.e. debuted in the past twenty years or so) that’s the deserving subject of fan mythology. Of those three, My Morning Jacket is by far the newest. Okonokos, a double live album recorded at the Fillmore in San Francisco, has a lot to do with the devleopment of said mythology. For San Diegans uninitiated into My Morning Jacket, think Transfer but with a little less pronounced classic rock vibe, or think Radiohead working through Skynyrd’s edgier stuff. Either way, they are a wonderful live band. The opportunity to see their frontman in a stripped-down, acoustic setting is a chance I’ll have few times in my life. From what I understand, the format of the show is somewhat like Storytellers, where James will take breaks between songs to discuss their meaning, or the writing process, or that time after a big show at the Forum where he and Gary had been drinking pretty heavily, and he hit a kid. He didn’t do that, but points if you got the reference before clicking here. Look for a recap later tonight/early tomorrow.



  1. what does beardo mean and if it something bad about jim and he pissed you off in some way that means you a bitch

  2. i agree. jim james just seems like a genuine dude.

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