Lock up your daughters (and sons): Ghost Buffalo is on their way…

Ghost Buffalo is coming back to San Diego for an August 2 show at the Zombie Lounge. Their last show in San Diego was at the Rosary Room with Jason Hendrix (solo, semi-acoustic) and Red Cloud West, and it was a barnburner. Like Red Cloud West, the most obvious touchstones for Ghost Buffalo’s music are Southern California country-tinged acts like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Also like Red Cloud West, the story is complicated by their absorption of darker influences, ranging from Nick Cave to neo-noir rockers like the Afghan Whigs and Souxsie and the Banshees. The product is a surprisingly catchy, almost radio-friendly take on country rock.

Ghost Buffalo’s music is the guided by the married songwriting team of Marie Litton and Matt Bellinger. Marie’s voice is soaring and tender at the same time, a beautiful instrument that’s oddly juxtaposed against her tiny frame. Matt played guitar in Planes Mistaken for Stars (up to and including 2005’s Up in them Guts), and his playing in Ghost Buffalo continues to demonstrate his facility for blending conventional guitar-god influences with decidedly left-center, hardcore-inspired flourishes. You’ve got to love someone who plays solos that are equal parts Joe Walsh and Ian Mackaye. They’re also Denverfest veterans, which virtually assures that they’re great folks to watch and get to know.

Thanks to local indie-electro rockers Qu’est-ce Que C’est and Another Zeke Productions for making the show happen. It’ll be at the Zombie Lounge on August 2. I’m excited. If you give their songs a chance, my guess is that you will be, too.


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