Chasers Cocktails…

I don’t have much to add about the recent Chasers/SHARPS/VW Morgue show/brawl/donnybrook, except to say this:

1. If the Long and Short of It had problems with them in the past, you can bet it was because Chasers’ people weren’t behaving professionally. The Long and the Short of It is fronted by Ben Johnson, who’s worked at the Casbah for a long, long time and toured with more bands than many of us have seen. He’s the consummate gentleman; I’ve never seen him (or any other member of LASOI) mistreat or disrespect anyone.

2. Does anyone really care if Chasers stops doing shows? I put them in the same class as the Honey Bee Hive and, my personal least favorite, the San Diego Sports Club: a last resort that’s really not worth the effort (and implicit role in making these people who clearly don’t care about music a ton of bar money). With all the other, better options available, why would you book a show at one of these places?

That reminds me, I think I’ll work on a post dedicated to exposing what a terrible, terrible place the Sports Club is.


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  1. ditto on the SDSC, fuck that place, been there once and that fat piece of shit owner/manager was a total pile to everyone

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