Tonight: Fifty on their Heels, the Vultures @ Beauty Bar

Yeah, I’m headed to see Fifty on their Heels at the Beauty Bar tonight. My feature on them just came out in MusicMatters, and I think they are great dudes. It’s cat dirt‘s wife’s birthday (I believe her blogger handle is CDW–which reminds me: I have a distant uncle who’s CB handle is “Texas T-Bone.” True story).

My favorite part of the interview was when Junior dismissed with the typical platitudes about scene support and acknowledged what has to be the biggest open secret in San Diego: this music scene doesn’t support each other for shit:

When asked to identify the best and worst aspects of the San Diego scene, the order in which they do is telling.  “The worst thing I’ve found is that I always hear talk about the community, and how bands look out for each other…I’ve never really felt that. I’ve felt cold shoulders, weird vibes sometimes. But when you find those bands that you really get along with, that’s the best thing, because you really have each other’s back. Of course it’s competitive–“

“Which is alright,” Nicky interjects.  “There’s a large concentration of good bands that may not be the type of music I’m in to, but there are quite a few really good bands playing, and lots of opportunity.”

Junior concedes. “For me, the Muslims are great. The Prayers EP was very good–I love that CD.”

Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but the majority of bands around here would (and have) stab(bed) you/me in the back for twenty dollars. I’m finding the bloggers I’ve basically just met to be more friendly and genuinely interested in each other’s work than the majority of bands my various projects have played with. The bloggers seem to get that more people writing means more people reading–the rising tide raises all ships, and it makes our scene, town and lives more interesting places to be.

Not to harp on the issue, but when I start blogging about the experience at Denverfest, you’ll see what I mean when I say that other scenes’ musicians definitely understand community much better than we do here. Click here to read what Reno band Think in French, first timers in Denver, had to say about the place. Given that no one is really making money off this stuff, shouldn’t comaraderie be a pretty central concern for San Diego musicians?


  1. yeah- i mean- i make my LIVING as an ATTORNEY- which is a profession that takes a lot of crap for being mean to each other and to everyone else (the mascot of my law school was a shark- no lie).
    the competivness between local musicians is the most ridiculous aspect of local music- we’re all fighting for scraps off the masters tables. it’s such a joke.

  2. Cullen, I’m really enjoying your writing…well thought-out, honest, and insightful.

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