Punk rockers invade Ray at Night

Jason Hendrix, Aren Skalman and Brian Taylor present a 3-person show with visual and conceptual artworks exploring the topics of nationalism, foreign policy and spin.

Opening Reception

Saturday July 14th, 7-10 pm
Ray at Night
3811 Ray Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Art and music interface in a variety of amazing ways. I’ve played music with two of these gentlemen (Jason in The North Atlantic, Aren in Rayleigh Scattering), and I’ve had significant experiences with music, art and political conversations with the third, who has also done video work for TNA. This show promises to be an excellent one. Kudos to Planet Rooth for consistently booking the most edgy, conceptually rich art available at Ray at Night (the Rubber Rose comes a close second). Though I applaud what Ray at Night is becoming, it’ll still be a while before conceptual stuff wins out over oil paintings of bouzouki- and lute-playing buskers in Venice. Shows like this, however, are helping to turn the tide.


Jason Hendrix, graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, will continue his politically and socially charged works which in the past have included performances, writings and visual works such as the 2003 conceptual painting “Photo-op”. Jason will be showing new paintings of a political bent similar in style to paintings used for The North Atlantic’s cover art for “Wires in the Walls.”

San Diego painter Aren Skalman will show politically injected versions of his popular Stratiform paintings which are made up of a multitude of hidden (opaque) and exposed (translucent) layers of varnish, resin, paint and silk-screened images. The pieces, which have an outer layer as glossy as a piece of hard candy, are exemplified in recent pieces such as “Vero Elotes” and “Vero Mango,” playful and wry references to the textures and tones in the Mexican candies popular in south San Diego. His Stratiforms for this show include flags, silkscreened images of historical figures and illustrated block-prints.

UCLA art school grad and San Diego native Brian Taylor will show post-conceptual photomontages in which existing media images are reconfigured to create psychologically loaded images including collages about a fictitious “Persian Space Program” playing on U.S. fears of progress and technology in the Middle East; “Apocalypse Still: Imperial Ambitions” referencing both the film “Apocalypse Now” and our continuance of British-style Empire Building; and “Tony Blair: Rock God” a tongue-in-cheek farce on media spin featuring Tony Blair reinvented as a dirty Hollywood rocker. Brian will be in The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Pakistan and Algeria working as a cameraman for a news crew during the show’s run.

This is a chance for all of you who lament the lack of cross-fertilization between the music and fine arts cultures to put your money where your mouth is. C’mon down–it’ll be a party.



  1. Thanks a lot Cullen, looks great. I like what you’ve done to the card art. Nice blog site too, wish I’da known about it earlier.
    PS Which gallery sells the oil paintings of bouzouki players busking? I might pick one of those up.

  2. looks interesting- ill check it out.

  3. Glad to see that Hendrix guy pursuing his “visual” gifts again. His senior presentation at SAIC blew me …and everyone else there…away!

  4. Sneaky sneaky, Gail. 🙂

  5. ah. nice. gonna pedal there with chuck and ami
    see if we can drag some dual wheels with us too.

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