Sean Hannity’s “Jingopalooza” coming July 26…

For reasons either oddly perverse (or perversely odd), I am excited as hell about this particular event. Sean Hannity, war-mongering talking head whose life appears to be one long audition for the role of Press Secretary for the Satan Administration, will be touching down in San Diego for one of his “Freedom Concerts” (does that mean that before the Iraq war these would have been called “French Concerts”?) on July 26, 2007.

The concerts, proving that even the wrongheaded can sometimes do the right thing, benefit the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund for children of those soldiers who have died in service in Iraq and Afghanistan. To be sure, the fine distinction between supporting the children of fallen service persons and supporting the rapacious administration that put them in harm’s way in the first place will be lost on Hannity. If you’re at all familiar with Hannity, you know that this is par for his particular course: take a relatively multi-faceted issue/problem and boil it down to whatever you can scream, Tourette’s-like, at your opponent.

What’s telling is that support for the war is so low, the headlining acts for this year’s freedom concert are Montgomery Gentry and Lee Greenwood. Montgomery Gentry are apparently a country music duo. Heard any of their songs? Me neither. And don’t get me started on Lee Greenwood. Since his insipid “God Bless the USA” (according to the website, “one of the most recognizable patriotic sons (sp) in the country”) became popular during the last Iraq war, this chiseler has been pedaling patriotic platitudes about freedom to people who believe the concept only applies to upper middle-class white Christians. I find this somewhat amusing for the simple fact that he looks, for all the world, like aging rough trade.

The best part is that Hannity, a NYC-born and raised Irish Catholic, has to go around pretending to be into country music for the simple fact that his most staunch supporters are inbred troglodytes who think the pope killed Christ.

Note to mis hermanos down south, who are looking to come across the border: here’s your chance. I guarantee the Minutemen will be taking this day off from their “posts.”

The capper: the keynote speaker is Oliver North. When your list of friends is dwindling to country pop singers and drug dealers, you might be on the wrong side of the issue.


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