New MusicMatters out now

It’s a little embarassing being beaten to the punch about your own magazine, but as cat dirt reports, a new issue of MusicMatters magazine is out. I contributed a feature on Fifty on their Heels (I absolutely love the band shot of them, by the way), a feature on Augustana, a feature on In this Moment, and a show review of Tool‘s last sojourn through these parts.

I know MusicMatters doesn’t have the best reputation among readers in San Diego, but we’re working hard to change that. It’s glossy, it covers lots of different types of music, and the quality of the writing is right up there with what you read in the Reader, Citybeat, and the U-T (that’s a minimal statement, too. My humble opinion is that it’s better in some cases–hopefully, in my case, at least). Makes sense, as many of the people writing for MM write or have written for other local papers/magazines in the past.



  1. why isn’t it available online? argh….

  2. Excellent question. I’ve been after them to make at least some of the content available online…send ’em an email and demand it!

  3. If it’s not online, it must not exist.

  4. Seriously, demand it. Ask for it. Cajole. Plead. Threaten mortal combat.

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