The new Against Me!…

…better be a grower, because the first time through is making me want to choke someone. How the hell do you go from “Cliche Guevara” to “White People for Peace?” Cliche is the kind of song that gives a 30-year old burnt out musician the same goosebumps it gives the kids down front at that show. This new stuff just doesn’t have the same fire. It’s like they got so scared of being themselves they went for being some strange mixture of Modest Mouse and Green Day minus the Jesus references. And where the fuck are the hooks? Against Me! used to be the best sing-along punk band going. Now they’re serving up more guitar lines and less memorable choruses. Maybe it’s not too late to repackage As the Eternal Cowboy inside all those nifty New Wave album sleeves. Be on the lookout for Chickrawker to chronicle the rise and fall of this, Against Me’s major label debut, on radio.



  1. they’ve already lost their street cred by signing with sire. still, i had high hopes since butch vig produced. not seeing much by the label as far as them pushing for radio play. we’ll see how it goes.

  2. I don’t know that signing with Sire made them automatically lose their cred. The kids still love them, and the Gainesville community is pretty damn happy for them. I just think they wrote a record that’s not as good as their earlier stuff–at a very, very bad time.

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