sunn o))) / Earth / Weedeater @ the Casbah…

cat dirt has a good post/preview on tonight’s sunn o)))/Earth/Weedeater show at the Casbah. This is a veritable doom rocker’s dream lineup (several out-of-town touring bands I’ve spoken to pondered cancelling their shows tonight just to be there), and a classic example of the kind of show you can see in San Diego with 225 people that you’d have to see in another (even smaller) city with nearly a 1000. Isis’ gigs in town at the Casbah are sort of the same situation. There’s something to be said for seeing bands that can do 1000 cap rooms in a place not much bigger than a largish living room.



  1. I’m sooooooo excited for tonight…… sooooo excited it’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

  2. A friend of mine at Century Media told me “tell you fuckin’ hipsters to stop writing about Sunn O))) because you all clearly don’t even listen to them and just like mentioning them because it makes you guys feel a bit bad ass.” You wearing a leather jacket to the show?

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